Yes. We are NEVER D LESS Firenze a fashion symbol Brand happy and extraordinary. Happy with the splendor of a ray of sunshine, the intense fragrance, feminine and sublime of a flower, reading a book, the great natural laws, ethical and moral, transmitted by history. A young extraordinary brand, above all, because the things we love are so beautiful in being what they are and that there is a beauty so calm and diffuse around us that we can express our creative expression through the creation of uncontrollable Scarves & Stoles, eager to fit in your superfluous and necessary Closets. The results so far obtained reward the commitment supported by us day after day to be able to create intriguing articles, impeccable, bold in some ways, geared to impress, or if you prefer, to be seen with a smile for the big events, today, as tomorrow.

Beautiful visions

Show & Order
17 - 19 January 2017

Premiere Classe
20 – 23 January 2017

NEVER D LESS Firenze. Fashion symbol brand founded in 2012: CEO Maria Chiara Monticelli. High quality Scarves & Stoles, gifts and peremptory, made with exclusive yarn - linen, cotton, ramie, cashmere, silk, produced by the Family Textiles Workshop - and designed following the short circuits of ideas of our Style Centre, in tune with the handmade dictates of the Florentine artisan tradition. Innovation, research, liquid design, quality range, of course, for a creative intoxication dilation! Scarves & Stoles inserted in the superfluous need of a wardrobe that the Style Masters, and we with them, continue to define: "The scientific composition of a cabinet enriched by the inspiring presence of a thousand Accessories". For One Thousand reason we are born Futurists, Italian artistic movement of which we share creative ideas, glamorous aesthetic attitudes, dynamic mood, electrical and chromatic. Our geographic Meridian Firenze highlights a membership, be respectful of the tradition charm.

Emilio Vedova

Emilio Vedova

For those who, like us, it is always a slave of the color, the works of Emilio Vedova confuse the skin pores, which, confused by the strength of the sign, they lose the sense of height and intertwine, scatter, they dilate in skin space, making it chaotic, unrecognizable, very very charming. The metamorphosis is immediate. In some cases it even loses orientation and the maze rumbles of crazy sounds and atonal screeching. Creative chaos. The chaos that we love, that we follow and accompany, the night, our bohemian dreams. Life is a wonderful thing!

A skirt mustard colored

You may be skeptical about the moral and ethical values of Fashion, on asphyxiating aesthetic changes, the strict rules that govern it, the stylistic intrigue that constantly feed, except that it happens, and sometimes it happens, as we like to say, to live the imbalance of the eye, unknowingly appreciate the choices made by a young smoker, who, wisely, has been able to honor the creative work of some creative enlightened convinced that on the face of the earth, anyone, would know to wear their daring creations. On the right, to confuse us further, a skirt mustard colored!


Let's face it, sometimes, without meaning to, we come across visions that we would like to avoid. A little jealous? A little much! But damn it, look at them both, smiling, happy, maybe even in love, timeless, beautiful as sunlight, side by side, close together, absorbed by the beauty of the other one. And us? Sad, lonely, abandoned, without a future, resigned to silence, badly dressed, unkempt, so much for those we dress. A catastrophe! There must be not, they, do not have to be. And then, in a bistro, where anyone can see them, creating metaphysical panics in the poor consumed passersby by the usual a flat and insolent life.

Maria Chiara Monticelli

Maria Chiara Monticelli



There are days during which I am persuaded myself with all who live the CEO experience of an enterprising young and wily Brand, is it an extraordinary adventure: exciting, exhilarating, even fun. You know when happen and certainly happened, to touch the sky with a finger, here, I mean just that. Everything goes smoothly, arriving orders, production flows, there are no hitches, the colors are perfectly defined and even that insidious detail looks perfect. Rumor has it that a CEO, especially if the female gender, does not possess a private life: no entertainment, no time, no meeting by candlelight, we're kidding, zero friends, and even a dachshund dog to carry around along the Arno. Quite the contrary, my beloved readers, a CEO, especially if female gender, knows how to have fun, and is not a work slave: that's life! And between a Woof and a Warp also finds time to weave the woven strands of a report: sui generis, of course!